Shipping Package

According to document “GB 9174-88 General Specification For Transport Packages of General Cargo” :

The main purpose of transportation packaging of goods is for transportation and storage. The package must be equipped with functions such as ensuring the safety of the goods, facilitating the loading, unloading, storage and transportation, accelerating the handover and inspection, etc.

The transportation package of goods shall ensure that during the transport process, it can resist the influence of environmental conditions and keep the goods without damage, so as to ensure that the goods can be safely, completely and quickly transported to the destination.

Also the packing materials, auxiliary materials and containers for the transportation of goods shall all comply with the provisions of standards in international transport. has a specialized packing department to deal with transportation packing, and we also have a mature cooperation system with express companies, air and ocean shipping lines.

The following is transport package of injector 0445120153:

Shipping Package-injector-0445120153