Customized service always provides products to customers on the principle of quality and service first, and careful work on each product is what makes us unique. is able to provide customized services according to each customer’s different requirements. Injector’s customized service includes:OEM manufacturers for shell lettering, logo engraving, injector internal packaging, injector external packaging and labels customized, etc. However, the customized orders must meet some certain requirements:

The purchased of customized injector are not less than 10 pieces.

Customized injector packages no less than 1000 pieces.

Customized products involve the need of specify logo, the OEM manufacturer needs to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

Once the customized fuel injector is sold, it cannot be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problems.

Customized Parts List

Customized Service-injector-0445120153

Injector nozzle engraving

Customized Service-injector-0445120153 2

Injector house lettering and QR code

Customized Service-injector-0445120153 3

Injector solenoid valve engraving

Customized Service-injector-0445120153 4

Injector box and label